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Mortgage Loan For Poor Credit

Explore Loans For Poor Credit History

Interested in finding a mortgage loan for poor credit? Explore loans for poor credit history and how borrowers can improve their poor credit issues. Poor credit is often defined as a credit score under 640. For borrowers who suffer from poor credit, finding a loan can be difficult if not impossible. Many poor credit borrowers are forced to use bad credit lenders who loan out money at much higher interest rates than traditional lenders.

More On Poor Credit Loans

Poor credit loans used to be rare, although today it is one of the fastest growing subsets of mortgage loans. Nearly 20% of all Americans now only eligible for bad credit home loans. While a mortgage loan for poor credit comes with higher than normal interest rates, they are usually the only loan alternative with such a low FICO score. Borrowers should always be vigilant when seeking a mortgage loan for poor credit to make sure that they are getting the best rate available to them.

A standard home mortgage loans may be taken out with little or no money down. This is especially true in with FHA loans where home prices are higher than in other states. In the case of loans for people with poor credit lenders require equity in a home or other property. While the amount of equity will differ, it is usually at least 25%. In rare cases, lenders may be willing to extend an unsecured poor credit loan, essentially requiring no equity to secure the loan.

Applying For A California Poor Credit Loan

Qualifying for bad credit mortgage loans simply entails filling out an online application or calling a qualified hard money lender to find out their specific requirements. They can usually tell you whether you can apply in 15 minutes.

Poor Credit Loan Size

Many poor credit lenders handle loans that range from $100,000 to $4 Million. Poor credit loan terms vary according to state, property value strength of the borrower's financials, etc. but will typically last anywhere from 2 months to 10 years. It is best to keep the term on a poor credit home loan low as the interest rates will be more dfficult until you can transition into a more traditonal loan.